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Your roof is in DANGER! I’m not kidding.

The moss, mold, algae likes the rain.

And they like your roof… and eat your roof…

Moss monster is here
Mr. Moss Monster, he loves your roof

Your roof is a perfect place for this undesirable fungi. This is not a natural condition of roof. The growths are eating your roof and your wallet too. Don’t let it happen. We can handle this problem for you.

“Dear Blue Sky Team, Thanks for the great service!” – Karen

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And your roof is safe now
That nasty family is gone, thanks to our dedicated team
Mr Moss Monster and his family eating your roof
Mr Moss Monster and his family eating your roof








Killing the moss at its roots by spraying it with eco-friendly solution. There is the optional light brushing off the moss beforehand to have the roof look better quicker or you can let Mother Nature do that for you over time.

Either way the moss will have stopped eating away at your roof without any hazard or harm to plants (no need to cover or wet them), people, pets or building material (no staining). This product will not harm anything that is not fungus.


Even though the end result seen below is not always as showy (there are over 200 types of moss which all come off differently not to mention the type and age of roof) the point here is to increase your roof’s, and along with it, your wallet’s longevity.

  • Non-Toxic
  • Phosphate Free
  • Environmentally Friendly


If we do not clean your roof the day of the application you will notice that all of the moss that was sprayed will be turning brown and drying up. This happens very quickly, within the first week after the treatment. The good news at that point is that the moss has stopped eating away at your roof. Now all there is to do is to wait for the sun, wind and rain to remove the moss. With every day that goes by you will notice less and less moss on the roof until the roof is free of the moss. The process usually takes 60-90 days before the moss is completely gone.


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